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The election will be held on November 7-Alban Bagbin assures

The Majority Leader in Parliament, and MP for Nadowli/Kaleo, S.K. Bagbin, has allayed the fears of the worried citizens, that the up-coming Presidential and The Parliamentary election will not be held on November 7, as advertised by The Electoral Commission.


The Electoral Commission has said, it is on course to organise this year’s Presidential and Parliamentary Elections on November 7, 2016 as planned. However, the constitutional requirements that will enable it to organize, especially the parliamentary elections on November 7, is yet to be perfected, with about six months to the election.


Article 112 (4) of the Constitution states that, “…a general election of members of Parliament shall be held within thirty (30) days, before the expiration of the period specified in clause (1) of that article; and a session of Parliament shall be appointed to commence within fourteen (14) days after the expiration of that period.”


The swearing-in of new members of Parliament in Ghana is usually on January 7. This means that, before the EC can move the elections to November 7 from the usual December 7, giving it 60 clear days before the expiration of the tenure of office of the present Parliamentarians, the Constitution ought to be amended.


It is in line with this that, The Majority is asking the general public to remain calm, because all the processes for the actualization of the bill are being done.


Source:radioxyzonline.com/Francis Edzorna Mensah.


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