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The Task Ahead Is Daunting

The news about the successful election of a new board to head the affairs of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) last week came as a welcome relief. We are glad the elections did not end up in needless controversy as has characterised the elections of numerous organisations in the country.

We congratulate Idikoko and the new team on their victory. We at Showbiz are certain Idikoko and his team are fully aware of the challenge facing them. FIPAG has not lived up to the expectation of both the public and film producers who constitute its membership.

The last tenure of Idikoko’s presidency saw him being accused of tyranny, lack of transparency, poor communication and improper accountability. The association was bedevilled with internal disputes and this almost caused the breakup of the association.

We can only hope Idikoko has spent enough time reviewing his tenure and identifying how his actions or inactions caused so much dissatisfaction among the very people he was supposed to be serving.

Among the many pressing issues Idikoko and his team have to deal with is the lack of effective system of collecting royalties from television stations and other places of entertainment.

Idikoko and his team have a huge task ahead of them if they are to change the fortunes of  the film industry in the country but through collaboration and hardwork we are certain this will become a reality.


Source: radioxyzonline.com

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