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Thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters call for Bill Clinton’s arrest

Thousands of people are calling for Bill Clinton’s arrest after the former president allegedly campaigned for his wife too close to polling locations.

In some cases, people are claiming he even campaigned inside polling places.

A petition, signed by 95,000 people, was started by Bernie Sanders supporters who say Bill Clinton was campaigning for Hillary within the 150 feet buffer space of polling locations.

‘This is a call for the immediate arrest of President Bill Clinton for clear, knowing and egregious violation of the campaign laws to swing an election in a significant way.

‘It could not be any clearer in the Massachusetts General Laws,’ the petition states.

Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin’s website says:

‘On Election Day, certain activities are prohibited within the polling location and within 150 feet of the polling place,’ including the ‘solicitation of votes for or against, or any other form of promotion or opposition of, any person or political party.’

Sanders’ supporters claim the former President attended a rally outside a polling place in New Bedford and went inside polling places in two additional communities, according to the New York Post.

‘Although the spokesperson for Bill Clinton denies that he was ever inside a polling place, photos and video show him clearly greeting and talking up election workers inside,’ the petition reads.

William Galvin said if Clinton went into the polling places asking voters to back his wife he would be in violation of the law, but the Boston Globe reported he did just that.

At the New Bedford polling station Bill Clinton thanked supporters using a bull horn.

‘Bill Clinton does not vote in Massachusetts, and would have no other business in a polling station on election day besides campaigning for his wife,’ the petition on Change.org states.

Veronica Wolski, who started the petition said the Clintons are willfully ignoring election laws.

‘This malfeasance, on the part of the Clinton campaign, will not go unchallenged,’ she said.

Hillary Clinton beat Sanders in Massachusetts on Tuesday, 50 to 49 percent.

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