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Tidal waves displaces hundreds in Keta

Residents of Fuveme and Atiteti communities in the Keta municipality of the Volta region have suffered yet another destruction of their properties as a result of the recurrence of tidal waves attack in the area.

The latest incident, according to XYZ News sources started in the early hours of Sunday and has destroyed several buildings in the two communities, which are close to the sea estuary.

Assemblyman for the area, Oswald Etse Kpodzo in an interview stated that, the disaster has displaced hundreds of residents and animals in the two communities, as large portions of the area have virtually been submerged by the high tidal currents, with the only basic school in Atiteti is also on the verged of collapse.


“The situation is very dangerous as I speak to you, since 1:00am Sunday dawn, the tidal waves have caused so much havoc to properties and people’s belongings,” the Assembly man narrated.

He noted that, the frequent recurrence of the disaster has left no safe grounds for the setting up shelters to accommodate the affected residents who are struggling for space in the few unaffected homes.

The disaster, which is the second in two months, according to Mr. Kpodzo was a result of the sea defense wall constructed at the Ada side of the estuary.

He is therefore appealing for an immediate government intervention to safeguard the communities from extinction.

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