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BNI arrests TOR worker with gun during Mahama visit

Credible information reaching tv3network.com indicates that a worker of the Tema Oil Refinery, Senanu Asbeit Akpade is currently in the custody of the Bureau of National Investigations -BNI for possessing a gun ‘in wait for President Mahama’.

Mr. Asbeit Akpade who worked with the Environmental Department of TOR is a known supporter of the governing National Democratic Congress and touted himself as such was among staff and management of the refinery who were waiting for the president.

President Mahama was at the refinery on Monday May 9 with the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley to assess the company’s performance since it resumed full operation in February this year.

Ahead of the presidents arrival however National Security officers who had gone ahead of the presidential convoy arrested the man after realizing that his behaviour was suspicious.

When he was arrested a gun he was trying to conceal was found on him. Another worker at the company who spoke to tv3network.com on conditions of anonymity said “before the president arrived yesterday, one of the known NDC guys in the office had been arrested having a gun on him.”

He went on to say “the national security officers around suspected his behavior and quickly apprehended him and took the gun away from him. The security officers arrested Senanu ahead of the president’s arrival at the TOR premises so most of the workers and even some management staff were not aware that such an activity had gone on.”

News of his arrest started trickling in from morning but after working our sources it emerged that most workers had no knowledge of what had gone on before the presidents arrival.

Our anonymous source said “the action took place around the frontage of the old administration block, precisely around where the Managing Director packs his car.

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