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Vodafone, SFR renew partner market deal

Vodafone has renewed its partner market agreement with French telecommunication firm SFR for a further four years to 2020.

The telecommunication company also announced it had signed a strategic framework agreement with Altice for the Dominican Republic.

“The renewed SFR agreement builds on the successful partnership between the two companies in France since 2002 and will ensure that SFR’s corporate and consumer customers will continue to benefit from enhanced, seamless roaming services across Vodafone’s operations in 26 countries and the 56 other countries where Vodafone partners with mobile networks,” Vodafone said in a statement.

The partner market agreement with Altice in the Dominican Republic will also help customers of Altice’s operations to roam seamlessly onto Vodafone’s network and Vodafone’s customers travelling to the Dominican Republic will enjoy full roaming services on Altice’s network.

“We are pleased to extend our long-standing relationship with SFR for another four years, enabling us to continue to bring our customers the best of Vodafone and SFR. I am also delighted that our partnership is now expanded to encompass Altice’s operations in the Dominican Republic, which means that Vodafone is now present in 82 countries, of which 57 are partners,” Vodafone Partner Markets Chief Executive Stefano Gastaut said.

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