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Vote For More Women In Upcoming General Election

One of the first 10 women to enter Ghana’s Parliament in 1960, Madam Lucy Aninwaa Anin, has called on the electorate to vote for more women in the upcoming general election, if they want to see transformation in the socio-economic structures of the country.

Madam Anin made the call in an interview with the Gender Desk, when she paid a visit to the Daily Graphic last Monday.

In the First Republic, Dr Kwame Nkrumah introduced an affirmative action during which 10 women were elected into Ghana’s Parliament.

This became possible when he introduced the Representation of the People’s Amendment Bill after he realised that the country’s Parliament was made up of only men.

During that time, 10 women were elected in an all-female contest which was held in all the 10 regions and Madam Anin contested against 12 other women and won to represent the Brong Ahafo Region.

She was in Parliament from 1960 to 1966 when the Convention People’s Party (CPP) Government was overthrown.

Vote for women

Madam Anin, now 77 years, justified why people should vote for more women, saying it was for the betterment of the country. According to her, women would do a better job when put in charge of certain key sectors, such as environment and sanitation, as well as in the management of the national kitty.

She said women are better economists, as they are able to manage with the little that they have at any point in time.

Madam Anin said, “With women managing the national purse, corruption will be eliminated as a woman will ensure that the work is done and done well.” She added that not all women would have the courage to be involved in corrupt practices.

She said women are more committed and loyal and also believe in what they do and, therefore, give their best in everything they do for the good of all.

In the area of sanitation, Madam Anin said the country needed a lot of discipline as the whole country was engulfed in filth due to indiscipline on the part of the youth, as well as the elderly, who threw rubbish away indiscriminately.

She said a woman at the helm of affairs either at the constituency level or as a minister in charge of environment would ensure that there are good sanitation practices to help keep the communities and the country  clean.

Days of Young Pioneers

As a die-hard CPP member, Madam Anin could not avoid chipping in the days of the Young Pioneers, a group of youth within the CPP, who were disciplined and passionate about the country.

She said in the days of the Young Pioneers, there was nothing like littering as the youth were disciplined and would, therefore, pick rubbish from the ground and place them in the bins.

To her, the issue of poor sanitation and indiscipline among people could be solved if women take up the leadership roles of nurturing children and the youth and inculcate in them the need to embrace discipline and environmental cleanliness.

She, therefore, called on women in authority to come out from their shells and start impacting good morals into the youth. She said women in power should be closer to the people so that they would understand women better and vote for them.

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