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Waves International Launches Liquid Screen Protector

Waves International introduces the highest quality anti-bacterial titanium Nanofixit liquid screen protector that penetrates and seal any electronic glass surface making it ultra-scratch resistant up to two years.

Delivering the keynote address, the Minister of State in charge of Private Sector Development and Public Private Partnerships, Dr. Rashid Pelpuo, said, the introduction of the new product has provided a very smart solution which is aimed at providing customers with a liquid based product to protect their smartphones, watches, laptops, tablets, camera lenses, television screens and other electronic devices.

Hon. Rashid Pelpuo noted that customers will be excited about the fact that finally there is a new product that will protect their mobile devices from possible cracks, crashing or scratching.

The Hon. Minister, during the official launch, told the gathering that “he has already seen how the product works and as they go through the product demonstration they will understand the reason why he is so excited about the product.”

The Chief Executive Officer of Waves International, Ernest Davids, indicated that smart phones are highly sensitive and fragile and therefore, no matter how careful one may be, they still end up either scratching their phones screens or cracking it through no fault of theirs.

According to him, the Nanofixit liquid screen protector is an invisible device protection that also offer numerous benefits such as protection against water, humidity, oil and oil based substances, the solution enhances the colors of the screen, reduces finger marks and smudges, and many more.

He added that as a result of its quantum forces involved to form an invisible protective layer that is approximately 500 times thinner than human hair, once a customer applies it, he or she is good to go within few minutes.

Mr. Ernest Davids pointed out that one of the issues they have observed in the usage of plastic and glass screen protectors are that it greatly reduces the brightness of the phones screen, affects the general responsiveness as well as making the phone bulky.

He advised customers to patronize the new product which is an innovative solution to protect all devices from possible scratches and cracks.

Dorcas Grey, LADA Innovation and Creativity Limited [LINNOVAC], a co-product partner, indicated that the product which is recognized worldwide has been tried and tested in overseas and in some countries in Africa.

Dorcas Grey, who is an entrepreneur and a business person, is optimistic that the product will take over the market as a result of the numerous benefits it stand to give customers.

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