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We’re on high alert – Police

The Police administration says the arrest of the three South African ex-Police officers is a clear indication that the country’s security apparatus is on the high alert to deal with any terrorist attacks.

A team of Police personnel and BNI officials on Sunday arrested the three South African ex-Police officers who are in the country to train some young people in various security drills, including unarmed combat, weapon handling, VIP protection techniques and rapid response manoeuvres.

The activities of the three have been described as posing a security threat to the country.

But speaking to XYZ Breakfast host Kweku Vander-Pallen, Director of Police Public Affairs Superintendent Cephas Arthur says the Police will continue to remain vigilant as it seeks to protect citizens against threats including terrorism.

“This is an attestation to the fact that the security agencies or the security apparatus are on the ground and they are ready …When it gets to certain aspects of security, it becomes collaboration between security agencies and what we are saying is that this is an assurance to the general public that the security agencies especially the Police are up to the task and we are doing our work.”

He further counseled Ghanaians not to be distracted by what is happening in other countries but focus on peace making in Ghana.

“Ghana I will say you are pretty well placed better than most in West Africa. I know your intelligence and security forces are on the job…I think it is important for Ghanaians not to be too distracted about what happened in Cote D’lvoire and say it will happen in Accra. I don’t think it will but it could but I will hope that the country will also focus on peace building and peace making within the country itself.”

He also caution drivers, bikers and celebrants of Kwahu Easter to be vigilant and report any suspicious act to the mediate police personal for reaction.

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