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Participants at the workshop

Women In Focus Equips Over 120 Beauticians, Hairdressers With Skills

Participants at the workshopWomen in focus, a Ghanaian faith based organization that trains and builds confidence and hope in beauticians and individuals looking forward to joining the beauty industry has organized 1-day workshop for over 120 hairdressers and beauticians in the country aimed at equipping them with knowledge and skills to bring out the best and help them deliver to customer satisfaction.

The workshop which took place at Teacher’s Hall near Adabraka in Accra on Friday, September 2, 2016, saw the participants treated to the various topics including how to make-up the right way, professional application of makeup, how to choose a right hair –do, body massage and nail care, how to match your beads with your dressing and where and when to wear beads.

Aside that, they were also introduced to a special hair -do called “Micro hair” as well as tips on hair colour and skin. There was also beads training and demonstration exercise which opened up the mind of each participant to a new level.

Mad. Benedicta Minkah, CEO and Manageress Dzifa Amenku of Women in Focus in a poseChief Executive Officer of Women in Focus (CEO), Mad. Benedicta Minkah  in an interview with Awake Africa online disclosed her outfit chose to organize the  workshop  to educate  beauticians and hairdressers in the country on how to “do things the right way” which is lacking in the beauty industry.

“We’ve realized that most women are into beauty today are either doing hairdressing, make-ups or other things to their clients the ‘wrong way’ so we’ve decided to take it upon ourselves to educate them in that order”.

According to her, the main aim of organizing the workshop goes beyond just equipping participants with knowledge and skills but to help them build a stronger spiritual life with our savior Jesus Christ. “Our main focus is to use the beauty platform to bring women back to Christ knowing you can’t do anything to succeed or become successful in this world if your spiritual life or relation with God is not on point therefore we’re not leaving salvation but to chance over anything earthly but to help win souls for Christ” Benedicta emphasized.

She called on all women especially young ladies who in the name of ‘fashion and beauty’ these days are bent on provocative dressing to always ensure proper dressing at all times adding “beauty is not all about outward look but the  inner one which is your spiritual life that we  must work on instead.”

The day was also used to officially launch of the organization which has been in existence for the past five (5) championing the cause and promoting women values.

Meanwhile, Manageress of Women in Focus, Miss Dzifa Mariam Amenku, said the future is very bright for the organization due to many developmental plans in store for women because “we’re not just limited to the issues of beauty alone but we’ll be focusing on helping solve issues affecting women in general and above all helping them build their spiritual life to be in tune with Christ”.


Source: radioxyzonline.com/ Joseph Kobla Wemakor

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