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Women Urged To Support Fight Against Social Vices

Ghanaian women have been charged to rise up to support the fight against the numerous social vices in the country.

The Bishop of the Accra Dioceses of the Methodist Church of Ghana, Right Reverend Samuel Osabutey, who made the call, noted that the country had been bedevilled by  social evils such as rape, abuse, corruption, violence and a number of gender-related issues that affected women in particular.

Rt Rev. Osabutey made the call at the 4th biennial conference of the Accra Diocese Women’s Fellowship of the church in Accra yesterday.

The conference was on the theme: “The Women’s Fellowship upholding the Methodist identity as witnesses to Christ.”

Biblical example

Citing Deborah in the Bible as an example, he said women should allow themselves to be used by God to change the community instead of looking on as if there was nothing they could do to reform the society.

He called on women not to remain silent in their homes, churches, communities and the nation at large and urged them to confidently speak against the evil in society, thereby securing a bright future for the next generation.

Rt Rev. Osabutey explained that because of Deborah’s confidence in God, she stood against all odds to deliver, counsel and judge the people of Israel.

Touching on Election 2016, he said Ghanaian women had vital roles to play to ensure a peaceful and successful general election.

Role models

For her part, the President of the Accra Diocese Women’s Fellowship, Ms Grace Amonoo, advised women to serve as role models to their children by leading sincere lives.

She further urged them to ensure that their children feared the Lord. That, according to her, will reduce the rate of indiscipline in the society.

The former Ambassador to Korea, Mrs Margaret Clarke-Kwesi, stated that women were the pillars of the society and, therefore, advised them to be truthful, honest and be committed to the development of the country.


Source: radioxyzonline.com

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