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Yamoah Ponkoh Lost Due to His Arrogance – Kyei Baffour

A Local Government Analyst, George Kyei Baffour has described Yamoah Ponkoh, the former Municipal Chief Executive for Ejisu Juaben as an arrogant person and that may have contributed to losing his re- election for that Assembly. According to him, Mr. Yamoah Ponkoh’s style of leadership as well as his posture is a mark of a self conceited person and also not the best.

Mr. Kyei Baffour disclosed on the XYZ breakfast Show with Kweku Vander-Pallen that, he has listened to Yamoah Ponkoh on various networks after being rejected the first time as the Ejisu Juaben Municipal Chief Executive and the posture he exhibited was a clear indication of an arrogant person. The Constitution has given the President the power to nominate as well as to appoint and the same constitution has given the Assembly as an institution the power to confirm or to approve the nominee. He said the President does not have the power to approve; the constitution has given that power to the Assembly.

If the President wants to act either adversely or in adversely to subvert the power of the Assembly then everything is wrong. George Kyei Baffour further advised that, Yamoah needs to learn a lot of lessons since he attacks people whenever they comment on his actions. According to him, Governance is all about human beings so if he cannot control his arrogance, it will be very difficult for him to gain any position.

The President’s nominee for the Municipal Chief Executive for Ejisu Juaben, Afrifa Yamoah Ponkoh has been rejected for the second time despite great confidence that he will secure endorsement. Yamoah Ponkoh was first rejected in December 2015 and has two more chances left to secure confirmation from the members of the Assembly, according to Local Government law. He was rejected by 41 Assembly members who voted “NO”, and as a result obtained 25 out of 66 votes.

Source: Ghana/radioxyzonline.com

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