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Yendi: Soldiers storm funeral grounds; 26 guns retrieved

There was near clash at Yendi in the Northern region following a military raid at a funeral grounds over the weekend.

XYZ News has gathered that armed military officers stormed the funeral upon intelligence that one family was mobilizing to launch attack on the other under the guise of holding a funeral.

Over 26 firearms were confiscated and two persons arrested in the process.

The development, according to XYZ News, nearly caused a gun battle between the warriors and the army personnel.

A member of the family which was holding the funeral, Abdulai Abubakari told XYZ News the family will pursue the matter to unravel the reason behind the military’s action.

“They just came to the grounds and the commander asked who the leader was and my senior and junior brothers got up and they were taken to the army camp. So far, they seized 26 guns and they didn’t tell us anything before coming to the funeral grounds. At the time Yendi was in a hectic mood, then you needed permission to use such guns at funerals but now there is peace and there is no need for permission. Maybe it depends on the intelligence they had but there was no need. For now we will wait to hear the reason behind this action,” he said.

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